Adult Nomination Form

In addition to giving recognition to students, SCCABE will also honor African-American community leaders with the LaVerne Owens Community Service Award and the Hank Hutchins Award.

NOTE: Please review the nomination form in its entirety prior to entering data to ensure you have all of the required information.

LaVerne Owens Community Service Award

Each nominee shall be a person who:

  • Has made a significant impact in the city, region, state or nation.
  • Has been recognized as a leader.
  • Has advanced the education of African-American children and youth; notwithstanding the risk or sacrifice to the nominee’s job.
  • Has made significant contributions in civic, community or social programs which enhance the quality of life of children, youth and adults.

Hank Hutchins Award

Each nominee shall be a member of the Santa Clara County Alliance of Black Educators who:

  • Has made contributions to organizations which have enhanced the quality of life of African-American children, youth or adults.
  • Has developed programs that have enhanced the education of African-American children.
  • Has made other significant accomplishments that have positively affected the education of students of African descent.
  • Has held leadership positions which provided for educational excellence for our students.
  • Has participated and/or held offices in professional organizations

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