The Santa Clara County Alliance of Black Educators is dedicated to supporting the education of Black children. We are an all-volunteer organization made up of educators and community advocates.

African American children continue to under-perform in our schools. Only 31% of our students graduate from high school having completed the UC/CSU requirements. This is no better than the State average for African American students. This compares to “college-readiness” rates of 63% for white students and 73% for Asian students in Santa Clara County. Both of these rates are above the State average.

Just as disturbing is the difference in performance between African American males and females. African American females are almost twice as likely to graduate having met the UC/CSU requirements compared to their male counterparts (41% vs. 22%). This gap is larger than any other racial group. We must challenge and work with local school district to address this issue.

Our world is increasingly driven by technology and globalization. This demands that our children pursue an education beyond high school and be able to manage in a technology-driven and culturally diverse society. Our education system has been challenged in addressing the needs of all children. Our community must be more visible and vocal. We must be seen as active participants in supporting our youth and their dreams. Everyone involved with educating our children, teachers and administrators alike, must know that “success is the only option”.

We invite educators and the community to join us. Effective partnerships and coalitions are critical in a community where our numbers are few. However, our ancestors’ sacrifice demands that we take responsibility and action for supporting our children and their future.

“The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child; it is whether we can afford not to.”

Marian Wright Edelman

Board of Directors (2023 – 2024)

Leon Beauchman


Tomara Hall

Vice President

Leesa Riviere


Josephine Miles


Jan Adkins

Director at Large

Anthony Butler

Director at Large

Karen Ranson

Director at Large

Membership Roster (December 2023)

Adriene Metoyer-Leonard
Alicia Padilla
Amelia Hill
Annie Handy
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Butler
Antoinette Battiste
Barbara Boone
Brenda Goldstein
Brenda Smith-Ray
Carolyn Johnson
Cheryl Rivera
Chiara Williams
Chris Mosley
Christopher Davis
Clezel Sewell
Crystal Calhoun
Cyd Mathias
Deanna Sainten
Debbie Oliver
Debra Watkins
Diallo Sims
Diana Myers
Dorethia Myers
Elizabeth Wells
Eric Andrew
Felton Owens
Folake Phillips
Geraldine Joyce
Harriet Arnold
Hedwig Rucker
Hellen Sims
James Staten
Jan Adkins
John Hilton
Josephine Miles
Joyce L. Davis
Karen Ranson
Katerina Pogosov
Lakeisha Blackshire
LaTanya Hilton
Leesa Rivere
Leon Beauchman
Lorna Jones
Maimona Afzal Berta
Malaika Young
Mary Noel
Milan Balinton
Mitzi Hayes
Monica Lun
Natarshia Mosley
Raven Gilberts
Red Carpet DC
Rhonda Beasley
Rufus White
Sean Anglon
Sean Dickerson
Shana McDavis-Conway
Sharla Jones
Sharon Jackson
Sharon Moore
Sherinda Bryant
Steve Pinkston
Symone Key
Tanisha Fitzgerald
Tasha Dean
Taunya Jaco
Tauvia Harrigan
Tomara Hall
Traci Williams
Vernol Battiste
Veronica Talton
Will Ector